Maps of the Villas In Morgan Creek

Here are some maps of the Morgan Creek Villas and the great walking trails in the area

You might have to scroll on map to the right to see the villas. They surround the blue flag on right.
In The middle of the villas is an 18 hole putting green and Bocce ball court. These are for home owners and their guest.

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There is also great bike riding and walking trails around Morgan Creek.  There are two individual trails along the river. One is dirt and the other is paved.  The dirt trail runs right along the river and has a great canopy of oak trees to provide shade during the summer. The paved trails is partially shaded but sits more in the open and is great for bike riding, skating or running.  The county has plans to extend this trail in both directions. Eventually it will tie into the American River park trail.

Bike and Walking Trail

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Map of Morgan Creek
A colored map of Morgan Creek North. Click and zoom in on this one.






Villa Map

Location map-Morgan Creek

Close to downtown, the airport and all the other amenities of Sacramento.

Morgan Creek has walking/biking trails running through-out the community.  It also has a creek known as Dry Creek running right through the middle of the community. Although it is called Dry creek I can assure you it runs year round.  At least it has run every year since I lived in Morgan Creek (2005).   The creek area is a riparian corridor consisting of 45.4 acres and the county maintains this area for walk, horse back riding and biking.  There is both an asphalt trail and a dirt trail that runs along the creek.  During the summer alot of kids and adults can be found down by the creek cooling off.

Morgan Creek also has a 6.8 acre lake that is maintained by the HOA. The lake has a great aerating system that keeps the water moving and it also has some deep sections that allow the water/fish cool temperatures.  This prevents algae growth on the lake.  I have never seen an algae bloom on this lake. The signs say no swimming and no fishing but I have heard that some of the neighbor kids do a little bit of both in this lake and that the fishing is actually very good.

Of the 546 acres 48% of it is open space.  Morgan Creek has over 260 acres of open space.