Join Our Team-We are hiring! Steps to get started in Real Estate

Join Our Team-We are hiring!Roseville Real Estate-house for sale has lit window at twilight.

We are always looking for energetic and positive people to join our team.  Real estate is a great business to be in and there is nothing more satisfying than helping people find their dream house.  Some people like the fact that your income is unlimited.  Others like the freedom of working your own ours and not having a boss. My favorite part of real estate is working with the people.  If you think you have what it takes to succeed in real estate we would love to meet with you for coffee and talk about your options.  We also have a great program for experienced agents with internet leads coming in daily. Learn more about us.

Frequently Asked Questions/Steps to get Started in Real Estate

How do I get licensed?

In order to represent a client in a real estate transaction, you must have an active real estate license in your state.  While the exact requirements for obtaining a license will vary state to state. In the state of California they require a minimum of two online classes and then you have to take a state test.  The classes are fairly easy to knock out.  Check out this website to get started.  The sooner you get theses classes done the sooner you can join our team and start making some money.

What happens once I get licensed?

After you pass the state exam, you can hang your license with Our Company North American Realty and begin working as an agent.  We obviously will have paperwork to complete and a training program for you to get started.

Once you’re on board with our office, the majority of your time will be spent setting up your business systems and marketing, along with completing certain new agent training programs.  The rest of your time will be devoted to the hardest part of being an agent:  finding clients.  When you do get a listing or a buyer, you’ll work to meet their needs and successfully close the transaction, then repeat for your next client.

How do I get business?

This is the hardest part of being an agent and there are numerous books out there that can help you get started.  It is best to work for a company that has systems in place that will help you get  up and running as quickly as possible. North American Realty has a great lead generating system that should help you get business but it takes hard work and dedication.

Do I have to pay office fees?

Most big brokerages charge office fees and or large commission splits to help cover their fancy offices.  We pride ourselves on the great commission splits and low fees that we offer.  We run a lean ship and can pass the benefits on to the agent. Our theory is that the agent should be out in the field working with the clients.  Not sitting in the office talking to other agents.  You will work out of your home office and meet the clients at their homes or at the local coffee shop.   Today is a great day to come join our team.Roseville Real Estate